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  • Schiel LogoSCHIEL - The Innovative Plastic Company
  • Company

    We develop and produce innovative system solutions made of plastic for various industries.

    Thanks to our decades of experience in the processing of plastics and the high quality of our solutions, we have customers around the world.

    Our goal is to work with our customers to develop products that deliver a clear added value and provide them with long-term competitive advantages.


  • About us

    We are a family-run business and have a highly qualified team of colleagues who are passionate about their work.

    We are proven specialists in the field of injection moulding. We are your partner for the engineering of plastic products, process consultancy, or addressing production questions.

    For this reason, the following three points are our core values as a company: (expert) consulting, creativity, and customer service




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    We are always looking for committed and pleasant personalities.

    Do you believe that you can further advance our company with your expertise and your qualifications? Then apply now and convince us.

    Even if no vacancy is available just now, we would still be pleased to receive your application.



    Skilled workers/managers



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  • Process steps

    To achieve excellent product solutions and features, every detail must be perfect. From the initial idea to its development and eventual realisation.

    You benefit from our compact company structure and our ability to react quickly and flexibly to changing conditions and needs.


  • Creativity

    The continuous pace of change in every industry requires a constant flow of new solutions and ideas.

    Creativity creates indispensable freedom to achieve the best results with profitable, sustainable growth.

    For this reason, creativity is an integral part of the whole process for us.


  • Development &

    We develop solutions that meet the high demands of our customers and offer creative and innovative engineering solutions for both our products and our production processes.

  • Rapid

    People not only think with their heads but also with their eyes and hands.

    This is why we consider RP a valuable step in the process of developing innovative solutions.

    We use 3-D prototyping to give you a detailed insight into our product design.


  • Tool manufacturing

    Taking into account all process-relevant criteria and departments, we create a tooling concept.

    Our in-house tooling department means we can respond more quickly to customer requirements and make best use of our competencies across departments.

  • Quality

    One of our company’s top priorities is to ensure the quality of the plastic products we produce.

    We are constantly working to further improve and ensure the highest possible quality.
    We rely on a wide range of measurement and testing methods to ensure this.


  • Production

    Thanks to our quality standards and the high degree of automation used in our injection moulding systems, we can guarantee the highest possible quality, process stability and replicability.

    We manufacture plastic products, both ready-to-sell finished products and components to be used in further processing.


  • Supply Chain

    Integrated and efficient supply chain management system is crucial to our strategic success.

    To ensure our customers’ needs are met at all times, our inventories, responsiveness, ability to deliver, lead times, secure supply and costs have to be well-coordinated and be in balance.


  • Assembly

    We offer pre-assembly and final assembly of finished products.

    We can combine the individual components to create fully functional systems. All products are extensively tested, of course.


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  • Products &

    We’re ready to tackle any challenge and work with our customers to develop individual solutions.

    The plastic products we produce are used in applications ranging from prams and children’s toys to rehabilitation and sport.

  • Wheels

    Let us develop your very own wheels or choose from one of the countless variations of wheels available for a wide range of applications and loads.

    … view wheels

  • Joint parts

    Plastic elements for multi-stage bending or height adjustments. Schiel offers a variety of options and possibilities:

    • for individual tube diameters
    • also for oval tubes
    • with one-hand operation through rod connections or control cables
    • with fixed-pitch or continuous angles
    • can also be combined for different tube diameters


    … view joint parts

  • Handles

    Soft and non-abrasive handles in a variety of styles and lengths for different tube thicknesses and in different materials; also custom designs possible.


    … view handels

  • System solutions

    The system solution takes basic and/or individual components to create assemblies and systems.

    The aim of any system solution is to help our customers complete the tasks they face.


    … view system solutions

  • Individual parts

    From complex individual parks to micro parts. We will find the optimal solution for our customers, from a wide range of standard parts or custom production of a piece just for your needs.

    … view individual parts

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  • solight ecco

    The innovative solight ecco material is setting new standards.

    Customer or application-specific quality developments and custom offers in terms of quality level, colour or special effects are crucial to sustainable growth.

  • Properties

    • antibacterial
    • free of harmful substances
    • recyclable
    • excellent haptic
    • weatherproof
    • wear & tear resistant
    • high resilience
    • UV and heat resistant
  • Product

    With solight ecco, we are to deliver products made of technologically advanced materials.

    Whether wheels, handles, or whatever you need, we deliver outstanding quality with an excellent feel and without any contaminants.


    … view product examples
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